Suehiro Maruo Shrine

This site is a small gallery of Suehiro Maruo's arts.  He is an artist of stunning power and composition, mingling shock, with nostalgia as well as  humor. Some of these pictures contain nudity and almost all are deeply disturbing.

Enjoy, and be sure to pick up Mr. Maruo's published works if you can find them.


New Maruo book has been a long time coming!


The new issue of JUXTAPOZ has both an article and COVER of Suehiro Maruo. This is probably due to the release recently of the two Maruograph books in Japan. Definately worth picking up.


POISON STRAWBERRY. Oh yeah, the kids at SAMEHATSAMEHAT have done it again with a translation of Maruo's Poison Strawberry - chapter one. Other chapters to follow soon after. The second to last frame has a picture of the doll the girl buys that is strikingly similar to gichi'kun.


' Maruo’s vision, existence is evidently one of sexual-being-towards-death. Like Suehiro Maruo’s hideously maimed and blind lovers, humanity always returns to the impulse of its sexuality and the desire/will to orgasm: what Maruo calls “the cosmic gash” of physical love, a gash which also reveals, in a Heideggerian sense, the non-being that is the only certainty of existence. And we should remember that even when love is blind, someone will always be watching.'


The dudes at samehatsamehat have posted another jolly good maruo comic (translated even!) The golden Notebook. Reminds me of the gashleycrumb tinies. Here is the link


What am I posting stuff once a year now? Anyway a couple of guys scanned and translated a few Suehiro Maruo comics and sent me the links. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. I have seen the picture of the school kid with his guys hanging out but had not idea what that was in cotext, turns out it's a pretty funny comic. Check out the rest of their blog as it has a lot of other comics in the same vein.

link 1
link 2


Markus Zuba sent in a synopsis of Suehiro Maruo's Kurau Kyuketsuki (the Laughing Vampire). Here is the link.


Finally. I'm not sure when this site was completed but it looks like it's an official website of the artist. The gallery pictures are tiny but they are almost ALL images I have never seen before. Hopefully as interest in his website imcreases so will the content. Here is the link.

This is a site that apparently has some of Suehiro Maruo's images along with the early silent film influences and is titled the "anti-suehiro maruo" page. "in this site, I want to find out which films, books, cartoons was he copyed. and want to solve the mystery of Suehiro." Quite interesting, and probably much more so if you can read japanese!



I found this site that has scanned cover images of a bunch of Suehiro Maruo's books. Perfect for the collector that wants to at least try to have everything.



Though not in english, coconino press has released some of Mr. Maruo's works in Italy, making them easier to aquire than japanese editions. You can veiw the book covers on their website here. Let me tell you Italian is MUCH easier to read in a pinch than japanese!


I have an extra soft cover copy of DDT. If anyone is interested, let me know. I believe it's very similar to the Ultra Gash Inferno tha was released last year in the US.


Damn, I had this scanned in for awhile, but I completely forgot to link it.  Here is a little exerpt from Suehiro Maruo's gichi'kun comic.  Please enjoy and if you like Mr. Maruo's work, buy it! Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak show and the new Ultra-gash inferno are available in the states.  The more of his and artists like him's stuff we buy, the more of it will get translated and brought over the big pond.  

Remeber, the comic is japanese so it reads from right to left top to bottom.



Long damn time since an update! Big news for people outside of japan in terms of getting a hold of some of Suehiro Maruo's works. On June 1 Ultra-Gash Inferno is set to be released and it's in english! Look for it at your local booksellers.

I must say I am personally ornery as hell today as I put in a bid on the DDT collection book I chanced up on EBAY and someone outbid me while I was out to lunch. watashi wa baka desu. Tip: always bid your maximum amount you would pay for the item! It went up to a mere 35$ and I would have paid double that amount. Oh well, back to bothering my japanese friends to comb for stuff.


An almost full recovery from our ISP failure earlier in the year.  Check the Gallery if you haven't in awhile (or ever).  Be aware some of the new images are BIG.


D'OH! Sorry for the rather provincial Simpson's exclamation but as some of you may notice, all the new stuff put up on this site in the last 6 months is GONE. That's because the ISP of our ISP went out of business without telling anyone and basically just disappeared without a trace, taking all of the data with them. Bastards. So I'm going to rescan, re-search and replace as many of the images I can find.

Your patience is appreciated, as with this situation, I have none.


A few more images came to me from Michael Palmer

I just got Mr. Arashi's Freak Show from Blast Books and I posted a scan of the cover art (very large).  Look for some more scans from that later this month.


Please check the gallery area as a plethora of new images will be added in the next week or so.  Images were scanned by Carlos from his rather vast collection of books.  Send him a thanks!


Added two new images from the naked city cover art.  These were scanned in by Chris Potter. 

Please check the link section.  I luckily came across a site that has posted Planet of the Jap, an amazing parody of WW2.