There are very few links worth mentioning, especially in English, about Mr. Maruo and his work.

If you can read Japanese you may find this site informative.  It is a fan's catalog and description of Suehiro Maruo's works.


This, mentioned on the main page, has an entire Suehiro Maruo comic uploaded.  The images are large and excellent quality.

Planet of the Jap

If you reside in the USofA, Blast Books has published Mr. Maruo's  'Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show'  which is, of course, amazing.

Blast Books

And the link exchanging begins...I found a bunch of pics I scanned all over the web recently, which is good as it means Maruo stuff is getting more well known (and he's been very busy with new stuff since this site was built as well!). This is a link to a Comic Encyclopedia that has a ton of info on manga artists