Laying the heavy, and more recent beatings

By Chris Turner

What follows is a list of the top 10 HITTERS used in all the winnng or finalist tournament decks I could find online in 2010 (about 43 winners or decks in the final rounds that were worthy of note from 1997 to 2010).

Occurances is the number of winning/finalist decks the hitter was in, and the second column indicates the number of those decks that had multiple copies of the card. Example: White Ninja was in 9 tournament decks but there were 0 decks that had multiple copies of her. The 'multiples in deck' is a tiebreaker and so the list slants heavily to the non-unique hitters in the case of a tie in the occurance column.

Hitter Occurances Multiple in deck
Ting Ting115
Golden Gunman 10 3
Iron Monkey 9 3
White Ninja90
Evil Twin73
Queen of the Ice Pagoda72
King of the Fire Pagoda63
Steven Wu61
Sun Chen60

Changes from the 2006 List are not drastic-- the top 4 stayed in exactly the same spots: Evil Twin and Queen of the Ice Pagoda switching only in the tiebreaker. Yen Fan(?!) and Shan Tsu were both knocked off the list by Char and the King of the Fire Pagoda.

Last modified: May 11th, 2010.
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