If you don't know what it is, all you need to know is that it's a collectible card game (yes, like Magic: the Gathering) that's based on the thrilling world of Hong Kong action flicks, and now you are either running away screaming or looking pleased.
And if it's the latter -- you're in the right place.

Stefan Vincent has an excellent discussion of the Shadowfist backstory.

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When I find stuff that is relevant to this site (ie old daedelus stuff or tournament reports from the 90's) I'll post it from time to time. -littlemute

I have devoted the majority of my time reviving the game with Z-Man Games; therefore, this site has not been updated in quite some time. I do have some materials to be archived (mostly tournament reports), but it is nothing special or exciting. I want to spend my time on bringing back the game for the future; not trying to relive the past.

Shadowfist and all related terms, card texts and intellectual properties are used by permission from Loch Ness Games, Inc.

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